Grocery Store and Gourmet Shop 

Butcher Shop - Catering Service

  Free delivery of your shopping everywhere in Hanoi  

Not just...

Largest selection in town of fresh cheese and cold cuts,

imported and local groceries, sandwiches, daily specials

homemade pasta, ravioli, lasagna, sauces,

freshly baked bread, focaccia, pizza and cakes,

organic and selected vegetables and fruit,

grilled chicken, coffee, Italian wines specialist,

local and imported meats, wide selection of sausages,

...but also smiles and friendly service

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To place orders for delivery please call:

Oasis Westlake
24 Xuan Dieu - Tel. 0437191196 - (7.00/20.30)

Oasis Golden Westlake
151 Thuy Khue - Tel. 0437286255 - (8.00/20.00)

Oasis Butcher Shop
18 Xuan Dieu - Tel. 0437186349 - (8.00/19.30)

  For information, caterings and special orders

 call Marco at 0904247684

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