We do sandwiches. Your way.

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When it comes to sandwiches we are terrible individualists.
A sandwich should be the expression of a personality, a very private, edible and unique work of art.
We are an old-fashioned grocery store, not an anonymous fast-food chain 
and we will prepare your sandwich the old Italian way.

Choose your bread and your ingredients, tell us the quantity you want
and we will assemble your portable delight exactly as you imagined it.

                           You will pay by weight, what you need and want, nothing more and nothing less.                                         

Baguette, rye, whole-wheat, focaccia, bagel, sourdough and more 
topped with any cheese or cold-cut from our large selection
and vegetables, pickles, sauces and condiments of your choice.
No boring and repetitive menu. Food is pleasure and creativity. 
No  leftovers in your fridge, no need to buy more than you want.
If you are happy with your creation, the next time you order it will be exactly the same
or, if you want,  get creative and invent something new and completely different.
We offer the ingredients and try to have the largest possible selection.

You decide what you want and how much of it.

It is your sandwich, have it your way !

sandwiches and ketchup